Case Studies

R Kelly: Timeline

An examination of R. Kelly's past and current allegations, as well as where he is now. image: Lean-Op via Flickr

R. Kelly: Essay

Writing about R. Kelly's past, and my view on how the Internet's dialogue about his actions gave him a level of notoriety he had never achieved before. image: Allgamenab at English Wikipedia

Shane Gillis: Timeline

Timeline showing the swift and severe backlash Gillis faced shortly after being hired by SNL. image: Shane Gillis via YouTube

Shane Gillis: Essay

Essay about how the Internet's outrage at Gillis's racist language ended his career at SNL, and has effectively kept him out of the public spotlight since. image: Seth Simmons via Twitter

Kathleen Stock: Timeline

Timeline showing some of Kathleen's articles concerning transgender people and women's spaces, as well as responses to this, in real life and online. image: Kathleen Stock

Kathleen Stock: Essay

Essay about Stock's ideology and its harmful nature to trans women, as well as a discussion on her "censorship." image: A Woman's Place UK via YouTube