Shane Gillis: Timeline


In September, Shane Gillis and Matt McCusker posted videos of their podcast "Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast" to YouTube. Since, the old videos of their podcasts have been deleted from YouTube.


September 12

Shane Gillis, Bowen Yang, and Chloe Fineman were announced to be joining Saturday Night Live’s cast for the show’s 45th season. The New York Times calls this a “step towards rectifying” its “near-complete absence of Asian performers onscreen.” While SNL was being praised for this casting choice, it was brought to light that Shane Gillis had made racist remarks and used slurs against Asian people in a podcast from 2018, after Seth Simmons posted clips of the now-deleted video on his Twitter on the same day of SNL's announcement to hire Gillis.

September 16

Gillis was dropped from SNL’s lineup, and a representative for the show apologized for their vetting process not knowing about the clip earlier.


Today, he has under 40K Twitter followers and 26k on Instagram, which seems lacking when compared to Bowen Yang’s over 100K Twitter followers and Chloe Fineman’s 238K Instagram followers, the two others who were hired at SNL at the same time as Gillis. On his Twitter, he plugs his podcast, “Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast,” as well as appearances on other podcasts by other comedians.